Friday, June 25, 2010

Vacation is a great time to get everything you've ever wanted.

Do you spy the Hollywood sign in the hills behind me?

Steve and I were in Phoenix for the first half of this week visiting his parents, the hot sun, and the immigration debate. That wasn't nearly as fun as LA's fashion district, Hollywood, and buying about 100 yards of fabric and my husband not caring one bit. You read me right: one hundred yards of fabric. 

Above is just one of the fabric stores in the 5 blocks of the fashion district in LA. Fabric piled that high is most definitly going to give you an overwhelming feeling of..... smallness, and a sudden stupor of thought. I had to take a moment to just remember what kind of fabric I liked and what I was looking for. I remember when I went to New York last year, standing in the middle of Mood (drom Project Runway fame), and I turned to the Doc and asked her how I'm supposed to know what kind of fabric to get. I had so many swatches in my hand I couldn't decide. 

You'll just know. It will speak to you, she said. I remembered that all day yesterday as I hunted through stores and stores looking for the perfect fabric for my clothing line. Luckily, I have such a wonderful husband who encouraged me to get whatever I wanted.  I don't want you to go home and feel like you missed out on something. We came to LA for you to buy fabric, so get whatever you want. I love my husband. 

I didn't really find much in the fabric district. Not a lot of the options really met my high-quality taste. My rule is to never use fabric I wouldn't want to wear myself. And I'm a clothing snob. I was able to buy an entire bolt of stretch dark denim for only $60 though. I also found some gorgeous light pink satin with a dull sheen, awesome stretch embroidered black lace, and olive green cotton sateen. It felt weird leaving the district with so little (30 yards plus the whole bolt of denim).

My mother's living room couch with all my loot. 100+yards.
I did strike HUGE gold at Mood Fabrics in LA. I didin't need the doc to hold my hand. If anything, I needed someone to hold me back. I made it to the store a half hour before closing. A man came immediately to help me as I started pulling out bolts. 

I want 8 yards of everything I choose. 

EIGHT YARDS? of EACH fabric?
Eight yards. You heard me right. 

I pulled chinos, dobby weaves, ponte knits, Marc Jacobs and Oscar de la Renta prints. I was in heaven. Pure heaven. The best part wasn't feeling guilty for buying anything I wanted. Steve was right there encouraging me. It felt like walking on water without the worry of physical properties. 
The car ride home was infused with the smell of fabric dye in the air. Keep those fumes coming.


  1. You do have a great husband ellen! You are a lucky girl. Also, we need to get together when I get home. We are moving up the Salt Lake way, so I want some advice from you!

  2. how fun! i bet that was complete bliss and jubilation for you. i've always wanted to go to mood and i'm not even a sewer...just a huge project runway fan;)