Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Frustrated. Frustrated.

I started my next dress yesterday, I wanted to make the pattern myself, and I was very happy about my ambitious attitude that day. I haven't made a pattern for a few weeks now, so I was ready to dive back in. I have this great orange and beige stretch material that has a great nubby texture to it. I was thinking of a color blocked a-line dress with orange inserts on the sides of the dress, with the beige in the center. I wanted some gathering on the skirt, but not a ton. Not so hard, right?.... right? 

I made the pattern without a hitch. I made the orange inserts as exaggerated as possible for the skirt because the last time I tried it, the circles were barely noticeable. The shape of the inserts came out pretty well. 

Since the fabric I'm using is so stretchy, I didn't want to line it with something that wasn't so stretchy (stretch lining is hard to come by). I also didn't want to serge the material because it is so thick that serging wouldn't really work. So I tried something else to finish the edges-- and I know there is an official name for it, but I couldn't remember.

I turned the seam allowances under, toward the seam, on the wrong side of the garment, and then top-stitched it from the right side. I thought it looked super professional from the inside. I love it when clothes look just as good inside as outside. This seam allowance finish works really well for thicker fabrics. Very clean.

Then the rain came.

I did all that work on the seam allowances for every seam. Sewing all the beige first, then the orange, so I wouldn't be switching back and forth. Then I had the entire thing put together, and the fit SUCKS. MAJORLY. I really think my slopers need some work. Everything I make doesn't fit right. The waist on the slopers has to be to big, and the bodice is also too long in the front. I hate the a-line skirt. 

Some times I wonder why I even try. WHY? 

It is a shame, because I love the whole idea of this dress. But I refuse to give up right now. I'm going to re-make the skirt to be more full to match what I had in my head. This better work. 

And my magnetic pin cushion fell to its death. 


  1. Well..I think the vision for the dress is brilliant! Stick with it Ellie! This is just what you need to be experiencing. Genius!!

    HOWEVER!! I did not raise beautiful Ellie to say "suck!" And "my magnetic pin cushion fell to ITS death." I'm just sayin!

  2. how did i know that comment would follow...

    ellen those colors are amazing.
    can you please make me a dress?