Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I fixed the Skirt. Steve hates the dress.

I've been working on my orange dress non stop for the past week, fixing the skirt pattern, cutting out everything again for the skirt, doing all the fancy seam finishes, and I finally get this:

I have to say, I really really like this dress. I'm calling it my "Turkey Day" dress because I plan to wear it when I eat myself full of turkey in four weeks. Luckily it's a stretch cotton. I know the orange is really bright, but I still like it. So sue me. 

Steve hates this dress. I still need to put the sleeves on, but he thinks that the beige color is too close to my skin tone, making me look like a "sumo wrestler" (his words). I don't think this is a comment on my physique in any way. He is imagining the sumo wrestling costumes made of beige material that look weird on a Caucasian person's body. Either way, it made me frown. Boys don't understand style. At least heterosexual civil engineers don't.

All the fancy seam finishes have really paid off looks wise. This dress to date is the most professional looking I've made. Sleeves to come tomorrow and a proper photo shoot. 

Happy now, Liver? My little sister calls me to remind me to blog. It is getting annoying.... 


  1. I love this dress!! work it!! :) Can't wait to see the final product!



  2. Steve is retarded. The dress is magic. I LOVE it!!! I want one just like it. Also, I agree with Liver. Freaking update more!! Also. I love you.