Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's all about the details.

Post Edit: I hate this dress. I'm actually embarrassed that it is on my blog. Please don't judge me by the design. I can hear Michael Khors disappointing voice ringing in my ears. I promise to come back from the planet I was on and actually produce something worth looking at!!

I finished my Turkey Day dress, and I really like it. I decided last night as I was falling asleep that I needed a detail around the neck, so I chose to do so epaulets with chrome buttons. They definitely complete the dress. I will admit that the beige does look a little funny on my pinker complexion, but what am I supposed to do about that?! The only time I ever went to a fake-n-bake was in middle school with my sister, and I ended up with a 2nd degree burn on my butt and boobs. Never again. Never again, I tell you. Pink complexion stays. So does the dress. 


  1. Wait?.. What?
    Why do you hate it?
    I think it's awesome!

  2. I'm confused by the bipolar-ness of this post. You love it! You hate it! You're crazy!
    Ok here are my thoughts. Don't give up on this dress, I really like it. I think if you lengthened the sleeves and re-did the neck line into a low scoop you would like it a lot better. Lose the silver details. Just my opinion. The design is darling, the colors are great. You are super talented!
    Also. I love you.

  3. I love the design and the neck detail. But, I think the design would look better in a pencil skirt. But I am sure you already knew I would say that...

  4. Ellen, I am really confused by this post also. I like the dress, although I do think a lower neckline would be better. I definitely DO NOT think beige is weird with your skin.

  5. My dear Ellie,
    You will never, never become the designer you see in yourself if you are afraid to take chances, think outside the box, and allow your inner creative genius which you DID with this creation. People all around you don't even attempt to create like you do, because they are afraid to fail...and that is really a waste...not to mention boring.
    Take it ALL in... you are an artist... artists take risks and push themselves to find something new..something of themselves in their art. Be patient and KEEP WORKING!!!!

    Your biggest fan... mom

  6. I agree with Anna, that's the exact thing i thought the second I saw the picture. Maybe not pencil but more of an a-line. plus the sleeves do need to be longer. but i thought it was awesome anyways, youre crazy. LOVE THIS DRESS. and the neck detail.

  7. oh i just love what your mom said. it makes me teary. what a sweet, supportive mother you have.

    i too think the dress is great. it's fun and different and shows that you are obviously very talented.

    put it up for sale on here if you really don't like it. i bet you someone would buy it real quick!

  8. Hello, random person from the Internet that stumbled on your blog a while back (don't remember how...cjane?)

    anyway, I've been mulling over this dress a bit and aside from what the others have said (the sleeves are a bit small and the way the eye follows the design lines it really begs for a slim skirt), the issue I have with it is the color. If you reversed the color, the dress would be more flattering and the beige would not be next to your face, where it does you no favors. Of course, then you would be rather orange, but if you redid this design in different colors, the same principle would apply : darker color on the inside panels = slimmer you!

    Each dress is an opportunity to learn and improve, so it's not a failure, just a first draft! Your construction skills are great and you have the talent, so don't get discouraged!

  9. Whoa! The details are amazing on this dress! This is definitely a huge step up, very good work!

  10. ellen,
    i adore this dress! every dress does not have to be shaped like your perfect dress. the full skirt is fun. the pattern is delightful to look at. the colors are cheery. i love it. i love it on you. enjoy it. and please wear it!!