Friday, January 14, 2011

Pictures, finally. I keep my promises.

Just before the Christmas holidays started, Whitney from Lehi asked if I could make her one of my shirts. I said, "But of course!". She wanted something stretchy, black, comfortable, but still cute, and mentioned that she loved this neckline on my black PD, but wanted it in gray. The outcome was better than I had hoped. The top fits her perfectly (since it was custom made) and gives her a great waist. All this for $60? Why am I not selling more (hint, hint)?

As Whitney signed the check, she said, "I'd rather spend my money on something like this than something else that I'm just going to give to Desert Industries in a year." I couldn't have said it better, Whitney. 

Close-up on neckline

The bow on the shoulder.
 Ah, I love it when I do a good job at something. It makes me feel good, worthy, proud. But the list doesn't end there! Whitney also hired me to make her a couple pencil skirts (for $100, my going rate) as well. How exciting! Last night I made up a skirt mock-up in muslin to fit her today. Perfection ensued. 
I forgot to get a picture of her actually wearing the skirt as I was fitting it. Oh well.
Whitney wanted a large, flattering waistband and a great vibrant color. Originally the first skirt was going to be red, but now we are doing it out of this great yellow cotton/lycra jacquard.

It'll be some skirt! Happy Friday.

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