Thursday, September 15, 2011

There is no such word as "fail" in my bright lexicon.

I got off work early today. At 2:45 in the pm, I was on headed south on the I15 with a smile of relief that there wasn't much to do today. I decided to go to my local Bernina dealer and buy a roll hemmer foot so that I can have a nice clean edge on my Anna Sui blouse. When I got home, I practiced and practiced with scraps of the chiffon my blouse is made. For how much the foot cost it's a wonder it isn't to use.  I don't have to press the hem before I sew it like I used to, but getting the fabric to roll into the foot takes a flick of the wrist. 

My machine was as smooth as normal, so I thought I'd oil the hook where the bobbin case is placed. I have to take out the hook to do this. When I tried to put the hook back in, the hook wouldn't "click" back into place like it should. i tried and tried to place the hook as I know it should go, but to no avail. I might have to take my machine in to be fixed.... which means I'll have to put off my blouse. Yet another project that is stopped halfway through. Robbin Hood and now this blouse. UGH! I hate half-finished projects lying around.

Luckily, Robin Hood really only needs the serger to finish it. We'll see about all this tomorrow.

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