Sunday, February 26, 2012

My husband is right more often than I give him credit.

I really wanted a skirt to wear with my blue velvet jacket. 

I had some pink and gold fabric (which I had used for my jacket lining). Pink and gold- one of my favorite color combos. 

I wanted to do a tiered skirt. 

Everything seemed like it was going to be fine. I made the skirt yesterday (with some great techniques I've learned in my bridal class-- will be shown later).

I did my finally pressing this morning, and I ask  Steve what he thinks....

.....long pause.....

"it looks like candy"


"maybe it's the 'two skirts' thing... the hemlines are weird"

"it looks like something a kid would wear"


"it's fluffy"

and then the big one... THE HUGE ONE...

"it looks homemade."

That one got me. That's when I knew the skirt was no good. And looking at these pictures, I can totally see what he means. It does look homemade. And it's definitely fluffy. 

I need more opinions. Please comment. Should it just be thrown in my fail suitcase?

This is me saying "wwwhhhhaaaatttt?" as Steve makes a face of.... disgust..?

Could I have more of a hurt/defensive expression?

Scrolling through these photos over and over again..... Yeah, it's bad.


  1. please don't be offended, I like the shape of the skirt, but I think it's the fabric choices that throws this off a little, kind of like disney princess dress fabric, xoxo

  2. Oh, trust me. I'm Not offended. I totally get it! Mistakes are good things from which to learn, is all. Hopefully my next project will be better. That's what this blog is all about!

  3. I like the idea of the skirt....
    maybe if it was all one skirt with the band on bottom being gold, instead of 2 skirts. (does that make sense?)

  4. I agree with Steve and the disney princess comment is spot on. Save it for Didneyland. Maybe a different fabric? ANd the pleats look funny to me.

  5. If you redid this skirt, I would suggest a lighter, maybe summer-weight cotton, fabric with two different prints. It could turn out really cute! But as is, it reads "bridesmaid" to me.

  6. If anything make the gold into a band at the bottom and sharpen the hem if you can. It's also a rather grey, sad looking pink, and a satin is very hard to pull off in general.