Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"I need the coat rack." "The fish flies at night."

Still working like crazy before Saturday. I have a mental countdown going and it is making me quite excited for the holidays. That, and the endless marathon of Gilmore Girls that I am on, once again

I was able to finish the 18 pairs of shorts for work yesterday. They look okay. I'm so questioning my sewing abilities with this job. They expect perfection, and I hate it that I can't deliver perfection under pressure. But a dress that I'm making for myself in four hours, oh well that can be perfect. Of course. So annoying. 

Not really because that means all my clothes are perfect. Haha. 

Today I've been working very hard on Kjrsten's dress. It looks great so far! 

It is made out of the same mustard ponte knit I used for the first PD, the snake PD. I love this material, and it's almost all gone. What am I gonna do about that? I bought it at Mood in LA, and it isn't sold on mood.com, at least not the mustard yellow. I really am worried about this. Can you tell? 

Tomorrow I am taking a break from the mustard dress and moving on to Anna's coat. Que Sera Sera!


  1. ummm better save some for me!!

  2. OH lovesies!

    can't wait Ellen!

    like dying over here.