Monday, November 15, 2010

Three things to get done before I leave this Saturday.

I'm leaving Saturday morning for San Diego. I grew up in Vista/San Marcos, which is Northern San Diego, and I can't wait to come home again for Turkey Day!!! My mom makes the best Turkey dinner I know of-- seriously, NOT ONE PERSON has been able to out-do Laura Berry on Turkey. After thanksgiving vacation in college, all my roommates and I would talk over our breaks, but all I could ever talk about was the Turkey my mom made, and I would explain to them all how she made it (hint: rubbing butter underneath the skin. Salivating much??), the delicate process of roasting it, and then eating every morsel off the bones we Berrys could find. It's quite the event. 

But to have a peaceful holiday, I have to get three things done:

1. Anna's coat. I still need to cut out the lining and sew it all in. Will take approximately two days. 

2. 18 pairs of dance shorts for work. Yes, I said 18 pairs. 

3. Have a Cute Day's Krjsten's dress that I've already cut out, but I still need to put the darn thing together.

PLUS: I want to sew a new dress for moi. A Black PD (perfect dress) with a nice ivory trim on the neck. We'll see if this happens. I might break done and not finish one thing on the list to finish another dress for me. I overheard a lady that worked at Joanne's the last time I was there, and she said now that she works in a fabric store, she never sews for herself anymore. That's such a shame. I am the complete opposite when it comes to projects for other people: all I want is to make the same thing for me, and I usually do that before I make it for them! I don't see that as selfish-- I earned it, ok? Or, I WILL be earning it. Eventually. Whenever I get around to finishing what I need to do.

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