Friday, February 18, 2011

Put a Bird on It!

Business first, fun after. 

I dropped off Whitney's finished yellow skirt today and it just looks great on her! She was so excited to have a nice skirt to wear to weddings, out to dinner, and to church that fit her right! Yay for handmade clothing that is worth every penny. And the contrasting lining is just precious. She is having me make a second one out of stretch denim for more casual outings as well. Remember the shirt I made her? Now she has an entire Ellen Outfit!

My skirts cost $100 including all materials, no matter the style.


Now for fun. The other day I felt so white trash for having my Christmas wreath still up, that I decided to make another one, finally. I went to Joanne's and bought a twig wreath for $4 and little birds and bird's nests to make my wreath springy. As you know, I have a thing for birds. I actually think I am obsessed. My sister an I will buy anything if it has a bird on it, especially for our home decor. 

THAT SAME DAY, on Conan, Fred Armisen was on talking about his show Portlandia which makes fun of the Granola's and trend-setters in Portland, I guess. THIS IS THE CLIP THEY DECIDED TO SHOW, and my husband and I couldn't breathe from our simultaneous laughter:


  1. Well I haven't yet made a bird wreath, but I wanted to say how excited I was when I saw your wreath, and read why you made it, because I literally had the same exact experience a few weeks ago. I love having a wreath on my door because of my oh so cute fleur de lis wreath hanger, but my christmas wreath was far past due. So I went to hobby lobby and got a twig wreath identical to the one on your door! The only difference is that I put greenery and lemons on mine, I guess I'm not trendy enough to put birds on it :( Ha!
    But hey I love mine, why pay 25-40 dollars on a wreath when you can make one for $7.83??? I do not know.