Monday, March 21, 2011

The whole nine yards (what does that saying even mean? Steve thinks it means a nine-yard suit, so that's why I'm using it)

I decided over the weekend that I am going to do what I haven't done before (checking things off that list), and I am going to make my version of a three piece suit. When I toured the Anne Klein offices in NYC three years ago with my sewing class, we talked a lot about the importance of a well made suit for women, and how suits are somewhat going down hill now that America has decided that pajamas are ok to wear to work. I generally don't like suits on women at all, unless it is a skirt suit with a mis-matched jacket and a frilly white blouse underneath... which is exactly what I am going to make. Certainly not pajamas. 

I planned it all out on Saturday. I went to Yellow Bird for NEW (!!!) fabric since I have nothing (Insert Steve's eye-rolls here) that works. 

I bought a cotton/lycra in a black-navy-gray sort of color that I adore, which is perfect for a skirt since it is stretchy. I also bought an Italian shirting that has a texture to it to create interest in the shirt (since frills aren't enough for me, apparently). The fabric I did have that I've been dying to use is my leopard jacquard, which will be used as the jacket. Don't the colors go SO WELL together!!!???

The skirt is going to be kind of like this

The blouse is going to be kind of like this.

And the jacket is kind of like this.

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